In our gray atmosphere and  with a summer that was visibly gloomy for many, it’s time to do some traveling and exploring the culture of the others and if possible in color!
If Rimbaud tried to spell out the hidden colors of the vowels, A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue, to say the magic of the world seen by the poet, his travels have not been able to bring him to Asia but to Harar.
Whether Asia is not the Rimbaud’s continent the colors are everywhere. Between the symbolisms of white in Japan where it is refined, noble and elegant, in China it is associated with death … Do you also know that black is not well seen in the Country of Middle, contrast to the red that represents courage or green for vitality. But be careful not to associate them together. As one of the last “chinoiserie” for today, you know that there, the phone is not pink, but yellow!  As the imperial color, Mao wanted to relegate it to the worst position … pornography.

But the most poetic palm as to be discerned to Thailand. This country seems to embody this poetic field, assigning a color to each day! So for those who wish to travel there, it’s good to know that every day is under the supervision of a deity, which is represented by one color. If you want to please a Thai offer him something that has the color, which belong to his birthday!

Here are the days, colors and deities connected with them:
Monday: yellow (god Chandra)
Tuesday: Pink (Mangala God)
Wednesday: green (god Budha)
Thursday: orange (god Brihaspati)
Friday: light blue (god Shukra)
Saturday: purple (god Shani)
Sunday: red (god Surya)

Could you imagine Claire Chazal (famous French TV-journalist) dressed in yellow on Monday or the day of the anniversary of the president as it is, in fact the case with His Majesty the King of Thailand! Pujadas (another one) in Sky Blue on Friday! Our “PAF” would be much more colorful … In any case the “PAT”, is certainly more colorful!
Last but not least if by chance you feel the urge to get your friends, and to invite them to a Thai dinner, this could be a good idea to draw your table….