Who has never heard “Bon Appétit” … Entertaining and easy for some, or epidermal and vulgar to others. This expression that sounds so French, apparently leaves no one indifferent.

In France the table remains a central element of culture. This is one of the criteria constituting the “gastronomie” as it was classified by UNESCO. For the Taoist and Confucian thinker, it is a reflection across the home of the world that surrounds people. So when the delicate process of beginning a meal arrives, there are almost cosmic issues that follow and divide pro-and anti… Bon Appetit! The task of a professor of etiquette is sometimes difficult on such issues.
So I throw myself into the deep end from the top of the diving board to announce that « Bon Appetit » Must not be said … It is an expression to be banned. If by any chance somebody who didn’t read this article greets you with an awful “Bon appétit” ! Take a deep breath, tell you that the culture of some, are not the one of others’, or whatever you want that is nice to you, but especially thank the person who said it, as this comes from a good feeling … Yes I know hell is paved with good intentions, but it will be another paper. So thank the person who told you that, but not the penalty for someone who shouted this, unless the whole table remains silent.

Finally if it is the lady of the house herself who said it, two cases. The first took your legs to your neck. The second be sure you have nearby your poison’s care. Why? Because the message passed is “I am an unsafe person who is unsure of her and hopes her cooking will not kill you!

But what ultimately means this expression? The answer is simple, it’s smooth gastric digestion. I stop here signifiers not to fall in the imagery of any kind.

So I conclude by returning to the table. The hostess, or the person who receives, or organized the dinner, is the one who began and this action begins the meal. When doing so it will launch a topic of conversation, remembering, as noted by a Swedish friend o mine, it’s only the French to grow like no others the art of conversation to the point of « Bon appétit « a topic of conversation and story!