There is a word in the French language, which has only five letters. Five little letters as the word of Cambronne ( In French Merde = Shit ). This one is so often used when Thanks is so rare.

I guess as a child you all heard: « Say : Thank you sir, or Thank you Madam » or the sacred question: « What do we say?  »

If this word is as simple as a child, why is it so rare?

Who has not received the world without receiving a thank you? Who has not been received without wondering how to thank?

Thank-you seems to have issues deeper than its mere utterance. And yet …

A rule exists that can be applied with ease. We always thank the person who receives. How? At the oral starting with, but we must thank especially the way the invitation was sent.

Card for card; E-mail for E-mail, ect … This should be in an ideal world an absolute symmetry in the formulation used. The third person called the third person, the second allows the first.

This rule admits no exception! Or almost …

The only one possible is even more impressive or formal; if not legendary … This is the unique, the grand, the beautiful, « The so French Lettre de Château ! » No need to be invited in a castle to send it !

Sometimes it never happens, or it was not even considered. Some have heard about it, others thought it was a joke. And yet it is beautiful and well! When to send? Why? What is it?

This is primarily a thank you letter, it should be sent after a short or long stay by somebody’s house, friends, family, and acquaintance. Then the form is unique, it is necessary, it is not an option but an obligation, it must be written on the front as well as at the back of the letter. Why? But to thank the person who was kind enough to invite you, more over you had such a nice time that you have many things to say. If you spent a bad time there, change your friends then.
When to send the letter? At least three days after your stay, up to three weeks. Three days to avoid giving the impression that you « send the baby, » three weeks not to say that you forgot.

So here you are now able to decline the five letters in the circumstances you need. Still stressed out because it seems complicated to thank you? The time of simple « thank you madam » seems far away? I can assure you it is and with any luck, you grew up and your vocabulary has expanded so much! While a large or small « thank you » is always a pleasure to give and to receive!

Thank you for reading!